Monday, September 12, 2016

Pfft, Mondays.

The head above is from Rite Aid. I'm pretty happy to see that most stores have some sort of Halloween stuff out. It's hard to believe it's already the middle of September. Would you look at the price of the skeleton underneath that head?! $59.99! Yike, Rite Aid. Tip: Always shop their crazy 40% sales, never pay full price at that store.

Had to stop and ponder what creature this giant, oversized skull would've come from. It's only $19.99! Hah! Actually, I think this would be a pretty effective prop if you had a large front lawn and needed something bigger in scale. I do realize it's a human skull. Just couldn't wrap my *head* around where such a giant skull could be used. Ah, but that's why I'm not a haunter I suppose.

Last week we hit up Knott's Berry Farm (we're annual passholders--The Poor Man's Disneyland), and noticed that they are already decorating for their Knott's Scary Farm/ Knott's Halloween Haunt events coming up starting on September 22nd. The husband and I are going to attend the Haunt this year! His first time, my....6th? Gosh I don't know but I haven't been in a while. Here are only a few pictures from Knott's. If you've seen one skeleton dressed in western gear, you've seen 'em all!

The hot weather is kindly leaving us alone for the time being and we're enjoying it. Drinking all the PSLs and eating Halloween candy and life is good!

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