Friday, January 13, 2017

It's A Dead Man's Party

I heard this gem on the radio the other day and I was transported. I actually hear it quite frequently. But only in LA. So Oingo Boingo an LA thing? Ok, ok, go listen and then let's chat.

Ok so I know they aren't solely an LA thing, but they did originate here. I mean at least I think so? I know they created the wildly popular song, "Weird Science". The band was also the start of Danny Elfman's fame.

To me, this band and this song is SO LA and SO Halloween at the same time. I love that they play it a lot here on the radio (usually during 80's lunch break hours on popular stations). When I was a young lass, I went to school with the bassist's daughter. She was a few grades younger than me. I distinctly remember when we had to sell chocolate to raise money for our school and the prizes for the most sold varied from a trip to Disneyland all the way to a sucker from Disneyland (which, LOL!). In between the trip and the sucker were various things like t-shirts, etc. One year they were giving as a prize an autographed shirt from Oingo Boingo. I laughed at the time and thought, "Who?" Kinda kicking myself for not working harder to sell more chocolate that year.

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